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Gift receipt on POS — what should retailers know?

Almost everyone gets acquainted with sale receipts issued after each purchase in retail stores or supermarkets. But that’s not all, customers commonly ask merchants for a gift receipt if they buy products or services to give to others.

Let’s dive into the importance of a gift receipt and 2 ways to issue a gift receipt for your customers.

Why do retailers need gift receipts for their business?

On special occasions such as birthdays, weddings, or holidays, people will buy presents to give to their family or friends. Recently, though COVID-19 affects finance and shopping habits, shoppers still intend to maintain and celebrate these special events.

According to an online Deloitte survey with over 4000 consumers in September 2020, approximately 25% average expected spendings per household during the year-end holiday season is for gifts.

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Gift givers will purchase items online or go to the store to pick up and give others. However, if the recipient doesn’t like the gift or the gift doesn’t fit them, they can request a return or exchange. To enjoy these after-sales services, they need to show a sales receipt issued by the store before. 

However, givers don’t want to reveal the values of gifts they’ve bought. They want to keep some order information such as discount, transaction amount, and payment method in secret. 

A receipt specialized for gift-giving purposes will make givers more comfortable when buying and giving someone. Merchants, therefore, get higher customer satisfaction.

What information do merchants need to put on a POS gift receipt?

The gift receipt you provide to your customers should contain the following details:

gift receipt sample

Store information

  • Store details including store name, store address, and logo (if available)
  • The time and date the transaction was created
  • The location transaction created
  • Name of cashier who processed the transaction
  • Return and exchange policy

Order information

  • A list of products or services with quantity purchased
  • Order ID in numbers and barcode

2 ways to issue a gift receipt

Let’s walk through 2 different choices for retailers to issue a gift receipt.

Use a template document and fill in order details for simple gift receipts

It’s useful in the case that the number of gift orders isn’t too much, namely one or two orders per week. You just need to download the template on the internet or create one first in Excel, Word, or any word processors. When a customer requests a gift receipt, you manually fill in all fields such as customer name, items, quantity sold, etc. Then you can print the gift receipt and give it to your customers. You can also send a copy to the recipient’s email.

Use a POS system to print gift receipts quickly and accurately

If you get many requests for a gift receipt, you should minimize manual and cumbersome work as much as possible to save time for better customer service. It’s recommended for retailers to print gift receipts via a POS system. A POS system will centralize data and help retailers record transactions during in-store sales activities. Many retailers even use POS to record phone orders. The POS system will quickly pull data from the order (item name, quantity, customer name) and data configured before (store name, refund policy, etc) to display on the gift receipt.

Tc-RM POS scanning receipt

In specific, after a successful checkout, the cashier can print or reprint gift receipt besides normal sales receipt. A normal receipt and gift receipt share the same style (font and color) and size.

A gift receipt only contains items bought to give to others. In case a customer buys some items to give and some items for themselves, the cashier should only create gift receipts for gift items.

If the recipient wants to return or exchange, they can find the store based on order information and show their gift receipt to ask for after-sales services. Store owner will scan the barcode or check order ID in the gift receipt to verify and process the request.

Gift receipt can be the missing piece in your retail process. Are you ready to implement your custom gift receipt solution? Let’s contact our business consultant today.

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