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Switch from Microsoft Dynamics to Magestore POS


Choose the best Microsoft Dynamics alternative for your fast-growing Magento business.

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Your business won’t scale if you stay with the wrong system

An unsuitable system only slows down your business.

For Magento retailers, a non-Magento POS system like Microsoft Dynamics might lead to crucial problems like unsynced data or incorrect information. Meanwhile, the right one can dramatically transform how you do business, both online and offline, and streamline your operational efficiency.

Let’s explore 5 key benefits from Magestore solution for consideration as you search for a new POS system.

Why Microsoft Dynamics customers made the switch to Magestore

Synchronize All Data Across Channels

Real-time data sync between your Magento system and POS

Non-Magento systems often delay in syncing data between the Magento system and their POS.

Unlike Microsoft Dynamics, Magestore’s solution is native to Magento and ensures all data synchronizes in real time between the online website and offline store. You can access the latest and most accurate information anywhere in your system.

Customizable solution as your business grows and changes

Don’t compromise on your customer’s commerce experience by using a one size fits all solution. Magento is ideal for fast-growing small to medium businesses.

Unlike Microsoft Dynamics which is hard to customize, tailor-made Magestore solution is flexible to your specific needs.

Customizable Magento POS Solution
User Interface Magento POS

A user interface you’ll enjoy using

We put high effort on creating a user interface that’s more straightforward, beautiful and intuitive to use for your front staff than Microsoft Dynamics.

The results are fewer errors, faster sales, and no frustration on how to use the functions. It also lets you put your attention back on the customer where it belongs.

One time payment, no annual licensing fees

Not only are Magestore’s pricing plans cost-effective, you’ll also get more value out of each plan. All POS pricing plans come with unlimited users and unlimited devices.

Now you can get your entire team using the software without spending more per user like Microsoft Dynamics.

Able to scale resources to meet any project scope

All store owners want their official system to go live timely so their business can start creating revenue. Magestore ensures transparent implementation process with clear scope and milestone using Agile framework.

We scale resources to meet any project scope and new requirements, so you can save cost while still launching on the expected date.

What customers say when switching from non-Magento system to Magestore POS

“We've used Microsoft Dynamics and RMS Counterpoint several years ago and with both of those programs we had significant problems [...].
If you like the Magento platform, Magestore is the POS for you. Incredibly fast and super easy to understand and can customize any function you desire.
Having one database that streams down on PWA to all tills is genius, most companies have it backwards. Magestore has an amazing customization team and were able to resolve things we thought were impossible. […] Just tell them what you want done, and they will do it.”

Greg Penno, Owner of Mr.Pet'sPet Shop | Canada
Tc-RM case study: Mr. Pet's owner

Plan for your future growth, today

Opening your first store?

If you plan to open a new business, we’re here to shape your desired omnichannel solution and connect your online website to physical store.

Ready to plan for your future retail business with Magestore POS?

Is your current system holding you back?

It’s never too late to start a new and better direction. If the current system makes you exhausted, don’t hestitate to talk with our consultant to get a free switching analysis.

All you need is addressing your difficulties and what you want in the new system, we will take care the rest.

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