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Increase your online sales with Magento mobile app

A Magento mobile app that helps retailers deliver stylish design, fast checkout, and better customer service. Your business stays competitive in the niche market and captures more sales.

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Magento mobile shopping app — A door to get closer to your customers

Increase conversion rate with well-designed UI/UX and fast checkout

Our Magento app gives you the ability to design an eye-catching that makes your brand recognizable to customers. They can also enjoy a smooth checkout process with simplified steps.

Remarkable features

  • A dashboard to set up app name, logo, and beyond following your brand guideline
  • Ready-made themes that allow you to customize your home page according to your business industry
  • Field control and address autofill let your customers complete checkout forms as speedily as possible
  • Voice search and image search helps customers find quickly items they need
  • You may offer customers different options of payment and shipping
checkout in magento app
Deliver an eye-catching homepage to customers
Customers can search items by voice
Customers can select shipping and payment method in checkout page
magento app to increase customer retention

Turn your customers into loyal fans

Get the app installed by customers and send them a personalized message or push notification. Then delight your shoppers with loyalty programs and good customer service.

Remarkable features

  • The app is available for your customers to download from the Apple App Store or Google Play Store
  • You can send push notification based on your customer interactions to increase their engagement
  • The shopping app inherits all Magento promotion rules, so you can set up programs in the Magento backend and let your customers enjoy these incentives on the mobile app.
  • You customer can contact you to get support via email, message, or call by one click right on the app

Sell smoothly across devices with data synchronization

Sync order data

All sales orders are updated to Magento backend and centralized in one place.

Sync customer data

Customer information is transferred seamlessly from the mobile app to your Magento backend and vice versa.

Sync product data

Product attributes, prices, and stock information are consistent between the mobile app and website.

data synchronization in magento app
Magento backend saves all sales order from the mobile app in a grid
Customers can save their personal information in the app. These data are synchronized to Magento.
Expand your business globally

Expand your business globally with confidence

Accept multiple languages and currencies

Localize your shopping app. Customers can use their native language and pay with their local currency during shopping.

Deliver items everywhere via multiple shipping third-parties

Enable cross-border shipping with a broad set of delivery service providers such as DHL, FedEx, and beyond.

Stay competitive with essential technologies for eCommerce

Lastest Magento integration

Compatible with Magento’s latest updates including Magento 2.4. Get your solution on both Magento Open Source and Commerce editions.

Native mobile app

Adopt your business requirements with a high-quality native app for both Android and iOS systems

React Native framework

Our app leverages React Native framework that provides a smooth and responsive user interface, while speeds up page loading.

Get an agile and transparent implementation process

We offer you a professional implementation that ensures you can sell via mobile app in the shortest time with minimal training.

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1. Why should I invest in Magento mobile shopping app?

According to Statista’s statistics, 85% of online shoppers tend to use mobile apps instead of mobile browsers. Shopping via apps has become the standard consumer habit because of their convenience. Mobile apps can integrate into in-built phone components like camera, microphone, GPS, etc, so shoppers can get instant services. The app’s functionalities provide optimized user experiences such as fast speed or responsive layout.

Additionally, mobile apps allow you to deliver reminders, promotions, etc to your users via push notification which is more effective than other traditional marketing methods. Implementing a mobile app also helps you stand out from the highly competitive market.

2. Is this app open source software?

Yes, our app is 100% open source software for both iOS and Android.

3. How to connect the shopping app with my Magento?

Our dedicated team will help you install it. Because the app is native to Magento, it will automatically work with your Magento backend after successful installation.

However, for extensions from third parties on your site, you may need some customizations to ensure that they work well on the app in the way you expect.

4. Can I change to other themes that are not in the list of default themes or add more features from third parties to the app?

For changes in your site, we provide a customization service that helps you implement any specific business needs such as build a new app theme or add more extensions.

To get details about the customization process, timeline, and cost, please contact our business consultant.

5. How much does the mobile app cost?

The price of mobile shopping app will depend on your business size, features and services needed as well as customization efforts if any. Please talk with our business consultant to get the exact cost that fits your budget.

Still wondering whether Magento mobile app is worth the investment?

You may question when you’ll get your ROI from a mobile shopping app. Don’t hesitate to have a talk with our expert and get the answers!

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