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Featured customer: UPPER LIMITS

Upper Limits saw a significant increase in sales revenue while using Magestore POS

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About Upper Limits

Founded in 2013, Upper Limits Midwest is a top-scaling leader in providing e-cigarettes, vapes, glass and wellness products in Illinois, United States.

Upper Limits retailer selling across one physical store, multiple eCommerce sites and 2 warehouses. A warehouse is used for managing finished products and the other is for storing raw materials. The Magento site shares the same inventory source with the physical store.

magento retail pos solution - case study

I think that Magestore is a great partner for our company. We’re ahead of the game by utilizing Magento and Magestore POS. We’re a growing company and as we can grow with Magestore POS and Magento, we can continue to build our systems without limitations.

- MatthieuStore Owner of Upper Limits

The challenge Upper Limits used to face

The company faced several retail management challenges including disjointed systems, inconsistent customer information across channels.

Upper Limits was operating with multiple separate systems. They used QuickBooks POS for managing inventory and daily operations in their physical store. But this POS system worked independently from the Magento site. So it was hard for them to control everything from sales orders, purchasing, and synchronized customer data to inventory across all channels.

When a customer places an order, their staff had to check customer information in many different places. The presence of many different systems, and little communication across sales channels led to many inaccuracies and inefficiencies along with decreased productivity.

We’re having a lot of problems with data connectivity when using two different systems. For us, it’s important to have a unified customer view between our website and brick-and-mortar. That was a problem that we never really had a good solution to. But now, Magestore POS is the best solution to that.

MatthieuStore Owner of Upper Limits

The journey to seek for all-in-one POS solution

Upper Limits has already used Magestore to centralize all operations in one place and offer an omnichannel shopping experience.

As a store owner, Matthieu headed up the project and desired the solution that can help:

  • Track order information with ease across all sales channels
  • Manage all customer data, inventory and sales orders in one place
  • Manage most of the items which could be purchased from suppliers with barcode labels
  • Use Dropship to fulfill the products for the customer in the future

Matthieu was happy that Magestore POS could meet Upper Limits’s needs and act as the best solution for his business. Now he has seen significant improvements across the business and has been on the fast track to results.

Tc-RM POS payment options on tablet and computer

We had looked at some other POS providers, but we just feel that Magestore is the best solution for our business. Being able to customize is huge for us. That’s really what we need and the Magestore team is great to work with for our needs.

MatthieuStore Owner of Upper Limits

Top features used by Upper Limits

On the way to keep track results

magento retail pos solution - case study

Magestore POS seemed like the perfect solution, and since its adoption, the company has increased to $98,000 in total revenue in October.

  • Upper Limits has achieved an average number of 200 orders per day through POS;
  • Total revenue in October has increased sharply to ~$98,000 since using our system;
  • Attain more customers’ engagement and retention;
  • Magestore POS centralizes all its business operations in one place. “We don’t need to have two different systems. Magestore POS helps unify our online and in-store sales” – said Matthieu;
  • Matthieu can manage customer information across sales channels with ease. “The system gives us a unified customer data view across channels.” – said Matthieu;
  • The system syncs data in real-time anywhere. “That’s valuable to our growing business when we’re at trade shows and it’s all set somewhat synchronized within five minutes. That’s pretty cool.”
  • Matthieu can scale anytime without limits or extra charges.

Matthieu also shares with us what makes him love Magestore

Easy to customize

“With Magestore POS, we own it and no longer need somebody else dictating our features. I mean that it’s very customizable and we could build it to our needs.”

Deliver omnichannel experience

“That’s so important to us to have an omnichannel experience and share customer data across the entire system that a lot of the other solutions didn’t have.”

Work with a great team

“I’m working with a good team. Any issues we’ve had, you guys really work with us to solve it. I’m extremely satisfied with Magestore product and services, I definitely give five stars for you.”

Grow further with Magestore POS

Matthieu is on his way to adopt Magestore POS as the core of their business operation. He also expresses his belief in the future growth with Magestore POS.

“I think that Magestore is a great partner for our company. We’re ahead of the game by utilizing Magento and Magestore POS. We’re a growing company and as we can grow with Magestore POS and Magento, we can continue to build our systems without limitations.” Upper Limits’s mission is to offer the absolute best customer service and retail experience in the industry. They are driving the eCommerce presence, increasing product catalog to attract new customers and ultimately grow revenue. Matthieu has also planned to open several physical stores in the future.

magento retail pos solution - case study

I just believe in this solution and I’m really excited about the future with it. I think that Magento is one of the big players. I really believe in the direction that Magento is going. I really believe in Magestore.

MatthieuStore Owner of Upper Limits

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