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Featured customer: TOP SHOES

Top Shoes brings new franchises to market faster at a fraction of the cost with Magestore POS


“It’s brilliant to see that it’s possible to have what we want without breaking our finances. Magestore knows how to deliver things that we have in mind and we’re impressed with the quality and time that we receive.”

— Matheus Santos, Owner of Top Shoes.
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Quality products and services across Colombia

Founded in 2019, Top Shoes aims to bring the best Brazilian footwear brands to the entire Colombian territory with excellent deliveries and personalized service. The company plans to set up a network of franchises where Top Shoes will provide the owners with the products, retail system, and support. This way franchise owners can focus on winning customers and closing sales while Top Shoes takes care of the rest.

To bring this innovative model to life, Top Shoes needed a solution that could manage footwear products across the system and scale as the number of franchises rose.

The search for a solution that doesn’t break the bank

“We plan to build something very rare in South America, and I don’t see many omnichannel options here,” says Matheus Santos, owner of Top Shoes. “The only companies using omnichannel options in South America are companies the size of Amazon and multi-billion-dollar companies.”

Matheus was looking for a solution that would solve the challenge of shared inventory and included a POS. He started researching Magento and all the partners in Colombia and nearby. However, when Top Shoes met and discussed their requirements with these partners, the estimated costs and timeframes were concerning.

“For each franchise, these companies wanted to charge us thousands of dollars to build, and each franchise would take one month to launch,” Matheus says.

Matheus and his team have almost given up on Magento when one day he came across Magestore while searching for a POS system for Magento.

Top Shoes business requirements
The Top Shoes Team

It’s brilliant to see that it’s possible to have what we want without breaking our finances. Magestore’s price fits us well. Had we gone with another provider with higher costs, our business wouldn’t be in the phase that we’re in right now and things would’ve been a lot slower. This has helped us start growing and continue to grow in the future.

Matheus Santos, Owner of Top ShoesFootwear | Colombia

A modern system to manage inventory and win customer

With several stores and a big warehouse, Top Shoes’ biggest challenge is managing products with many variations such as colors and sizes. Thanks to Magestore’s inventory management solution, the company has complete control over its stock.

“I can take stock, make inventory transfers, and run reports of our warehouse. We’re having a really easy time with all these processes that would’ve taken a lot of time and resources to do manually,” Matheus says.

In the franchise stores, sales associates can give customers better consultation and create orders right on their tablets.

“One thing that made me want to start to work with Magestore was its design,” Matheus explains. “All the other POS that we’ve seen looked like they’re from 50 years ago. With Magestore, the frontend looks very clean and modern.”

“Here in Colombia, it’s quite rare to enter a retail store and see an associate with a tablet that has all the information right there in their hands. The sales on the tablets are something that attracts the customer too.”

One team to turn business vision into success

Since the beginning, Magestore and Top Shoes have been working closely to create a timeline to launch and expand that worked for Top Shoes.

“Emmy, our consultant, has been helping us since the beginning. She understood everything that we wanted and was always willing to answer questions. She was the only consultant that we talked to that tried to understand what we wanted, and I think this makes all the difference. All other consultants that we talked to heard us and tried to sell something that they had and make us fit their products. And with Magestore it’s the other way, Magestore is fitting to our idea.”

“What we’re building is something with a lot of potentials if we work right, and as I can see, we’re going to,” Matheus says. “Not only is Magento a powerful framework as I’ve seen, but the Magestore team is also very, very competent in what they do. Magestore knows how to deliver things that we have in mind and we’re impressed with the quality and time that we receive.”

The Magestore team has helped Feet Colombia launch several franchise stores, set up a stable server and system, and customize the POS to fit their business needs.

Next step: Complete the omnichannel picture

Top Shoes next steps

While COVID has changed the retail landscape, for Top Shoes there are more opportunities than threats. With innovation and hard work, Top Shoes is close to being one of the biggest shoe companies in Colombia. Matheus plans to open more stores and start working on the eCommerce side of things. Once the website and mobile app are complete, Top Shoes will have the final piece of their omnichannel vision and a unique model in Colombia.

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