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From challenge to opportunity: Superior Tile’s operational transformation with Magestore

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About Superior Tile

Superior Tile is North Hollywood’s top destination for tiles, stone, mosaics, laminate, hardwood, and more. Known for their extensive 10,000-square-foot showroom, they offer a wide range of home improvement products, including faucets, sinks, shower fixtures, vanities, and toilets​​.

In June 2022, they expanded strategically by establishing Superior Plumbing, a subsidiary brand focused on distinctive kitchen and bathroom interior products, building on Superior Tile’s commitment to unique customer experiences.


As an offshoot of Superior Tile, Superior Plumbing specializes in plumbing fixtures and related products. This focus necessitated a distinct approach to business operations, different from the broader home goods range of Superior Tile.

  • Managing a large and diverse inventory for a new specialized store.
  • Needing efficient systems for handling high-volume B2B orders.
  • Automating purchasing and inventory management for better efficiency.
  • Integrating Quickbooks and comprehensive reporting into their Magento platform.

Magestore’s tailored solutions and services

Magestore’s approach to addressing Superior Plumbing’s unique business requirements was multifaceted, focusing on operational efficiency and customer satisfaction.

Automated purchasing and inventory management

Given Superior Plumbing’s large quantities and space-consuming products, not all items were stocked in-store or in the warehouse. Magestore implemented an advanced system for Superior Tile to efficiently handle their extensive and bulky product range.

The system automatically checks stock levels after each order and generates a Backordered Purchase Order (PO) linked to the Sales Order (SO). This ensures the quantity ordered in the PO suffices to fulfill customer demands in the SO. Concurrently, a separate logic runs based on each product’s reorder point and quantity, generating a Stock PO for inventory replenishment. This dual PO system guarantees minimum stock levels are maintained, significantly reducing manual inventory management efforts and enabling staff to focus on strategic tasks.

Warehouse management and inventory control

Magestore’s solution included advanced warehouse management capabilities, enabling Superior Plumbing to efficiently manage their large number of SKUs. The system provided real-time visibility into stock levels, facilitating better decision-making in inventory control.

Enhanced loyalty program

Magestore’s store credit allows customers to earn and redeem credit on purchases, encouraging repeat business and customer retention. Magestore customized this feature for Superior Plumbing to synergize with the Amasty Affiliate module. This unique integration allowed customers to convert their affiliate earnings directly into store credit balances. Superior Plumbing can offer a more flexible and rewarding program, significantly boosting customer loyalty.

Magento – QuickBooks integration

Magestore utilizes a third-party solution to synchronize financial data from Superior Tile’s eCommerce and in-store activities. It facilitated efficient accounting practices, ensuring that all transactions were accurately reflected in QuickBooks. This enhanced the accuracy of financial reporting and saved time and effort in manual data entry and reconciliation processes.

Comprehensive system operation services

Magestore partnered with the BSS Commerce team to ensure system health, resolve third-party module issues, and provide continuous monitoring and management for Superior Plumbing’s entire Magento system. Magestore offered consultancy on suitable third-party extensions and customized IT solutions to meet Superior Tile’s evolving business needs.

I really want to compliment our project’s business analyst, Jessie. I've worked with many companies, but she stands out as always very helpful, knowledgeable, and professional. Jessie consistently brings good ideas and advice to the table. Working with her has been a truly enjoyable experience.

Aviv Golan, CTO of Superior Tile and Superior PlumbingBathroom Furniture | United States


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Streamlined B2B order processing and improved customer satisfaction.

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Enhanced efficiency in purchasing and inventory management.

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Robust management of Magento core and third-party modules.

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Tailored IT solutions fostering business growth and operational efficiency.


Magestore provided Superior Plumbing with customized solutions and services that revolutionized their business operations. These solutions enhanced operational efficiency, optimized inventory and purchasing processes, and improved customer engagement, positioning Superior Tile for continued growth and success in a competitive retail environment.

I'd like to extend my compliments to the entire Magestore team. Every interaction was marked by their readiness to assist at any time.

Aviv Golan, CTO of Superior Tile and Superior PlumbingBathroom Furniture | United States

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