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Featured agency: SEEPOSSIBLE

Seepossible syncs online and in-store sales with customized solution

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About Seepossible

Seepossible Innovative Solutions LLP is an India digital agency of people passionate about digital commerce.

Their focus is intelligent digital experiences to make retail more relevant, engaging, and interactive for consumers. Seepossible helps brands evolve their business with customized Omnichannel implementations and solutions.

Now they are implementing Magestore POS for a client from the jewelry industry with 3 warehouses and 5500 SKUs.

magento retail pos solution - case study

The challenge Seeposible faced with

Dealing with separate systems

  • Their client’s systems were separate and lacked communication with one another, making it hard to manage sales channels efficiently.
  • Inventory levels were not synced in real-time across the systems.
  • The early systems were also SaaS based, with limited scope of customization.
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The solution to overcome

Crafting a unified solution for omnichannel strategy

Throughout the consideration process, Jeet Palavwala, Managing Partner and Founder at Seepossible saw that Magestore POS covered the majority of necessary features to get started.

  • Magento-native POS system to connect Magento site and physical stores helped their clients sync online and in-store sales seamlessly.
  • Even better, the POS solution was open source and customizable. Seepossible could customize it further to build the right solution for each client.

“Magestore POS is very good and improving continuously as I can see. We liked it already.”

- Jeet PalavwalaManaging Partner and Founder
magento retail pos solution - case study

The support from Magestore team was good. They shared the POS’ React source so we were able to deliver a customized POS solution to the client. It took us a little while to figure out the architecture and how it works, but later we could make fit it to the client’s requirements and now it is functioning as expected.

Jeet PalavwalaManaging Partner and Founder

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