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Seamless shopping experience: How Magestore helped The London Vape Company thrive in omnichannel retail

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A personalized and responsible approach to vape

Anthony Mixides, the owner of The London Vape Company, started his journey in 2014 with one small vaping shop in East Barnet, London. Vaping was relatively new at the time, and while it was gaining some traction in the U.K., there weren’t many businesses that catered to the needs of the growing vaping community. Anthony saw an opportunity and seized it with both hands. He was passionate about vaping and determined to provide vapers with the best possible products, services, and advice.

Anthony’s business model was simple, yet effective. He discovered that his customers wanted to see, touch, and try vaping products before they made a purchase. So, he established an excellent fact-finding process that enabled customers to become comfortable with the vast range of products available. Anthony’s approach paid off, and The London Vape Company soon developed a loyal following. Customers trusted the company’s knowledgeable staff, its quality products, and its commitment to responsible retailing.

Anthony’s success stemmed from his unwavering dedication to quality and care. He worked with the world’s best manufacturers to bring his customers the widest range of e-cigarettes, mods, e-liquids and accessories available on the market today. He also employed a knowledgeable team of staff who shared his passion for vaping and helping others to quit smoking and save.

The quest to transform retail operations during COVID

Like most businesses during the COVID-19 pandemic, Anthony knew that he had to adapt his business strategy to survive. He realized that he needed to bolster his online eCommerce platform and offer a seamless experience for customers, whether they were shopping in-store or online.

“It was important for us to have everything in synergy with eCommerce and real estate. Previously, while our physical stores had another EPOS, there was no connection between the website and POS. The stock was just all over the place. The reward point was completely disjointed, what you earn online was not available in store and vice versa.” — said Anthony.

He researched different point of sale systems, including the Magento POS from Magestore, and found that this was the perfect solution for his business. The solution could help The London Vape Company become an omnichannel retail business and cater to both website and in-store audiences.

Craft success with a comprehensive solution design process

To ensure that The London Vape Company could fully maximize the potential of the system, Anthony worked closely with Magestore’s consultant team. The Magestore team analyzed The London Vape Company’s requirements and helped Anthony implement several bespoke features that catered to his business’s specific needs.

When we signed up, we had a great consultation with Duke, who conducted thorough due diligence and took the time to fully understand our unique requirements. He created a great model for us that mapped out the connections between the two stores and eCommerce website. So if something was bought online, the system would look at the total quantity of stock from the two locations, not just one stock source, which is how we worked originally. Magestore’s pre-planning documentation really gave us confidence and the calls illustrated thorough understanding of the setup.

Anthony Mixides, Owner of the London Vape CompanyE-cigarettes | United Kingdom

Unlock the full potential of omnichannel retail with Magento-native POS

Key feature #1: Omnichannel loyalty program

The most significant feature for Anthony was the Magento loyalty program, which offered synergy between the website and EPOS. The feature allowed customers to earn and redeem loyalty points from anywhere and provided a seamless shopping experience similar to what customers experienced in-store.

Key feature #2: Real-time inventory control

Magestore’s inventory feature was another valuable aspect that helped Anthony control his stock levels and prevent any overselling issues. The stock control features ensured that products that were sold in-store were automatically depleted on the website, providing customers with accurate availability information and reducing the risk of stock shortages.

Reliable support from a trusted partner

The London Vape Company’s partnership with Magestore was a resounding success. The bespoke features enabled them to provide their customers with an outstanding and personalized shopping experience while increasing customer loyalty and sales. Anthony was particularly pleased with the level of support that Magestore provided, giving him and his team peace of mind and saving them time and money.

“Throughout the process, we received consistent and efficient support from Magestore, which greatly contributed to our positive experience. Whenever we needed a bit of assistance, the Magestore team was always on hand on the Slack channel, and the responses were very quick.”


Today, The London Vape Company is an omnichannel retail business that offers its customers a seamless shopping experience in-store and online. Anthony’s vision of building a community of vapers who trust The London Vape Company to help them quit smoking and start saving has become a reality. With the support of Magestore’s innovative and customer-centric solution, Anthony can confidently continue to pursue his business vision, delivering exceptional products and services to his loyal customers.

I’d definitely recommend Magestore to anyone that's on Magento that has a physical store that needs a POS. Finding a reliable POS solution that can seamlessly integrate with your website and business requirements is crucial, and Magestore certainly delivered on all fronts. It's probably the best solution out there.

Anthony Mixides, Owner of the London Vape CompanyE-cigarettes | United Kingdom

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