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Ikarus Technologies Achieves Sub-45 Second Checkout Times per Order Using Magestore POS

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Since its establishment, Ikarus Technologies has been committed to making astronomy accessible and affordable to the general public. The company provides a comprehensive solution for amateur astronomers, including astronomical equipment, equipment maintenance, and training.
In addition to fostering a love for exploring the universe, Ikarus also aims to deliver an excellent retail experience to complement its offerings. By partnering with Magestore POS for eCommerce, the company can now:

  • Reduce customer waiting time by checking out a new order in under 45 seconds
  • Earn customers’ trust by simplifying product returns
  • Reduce checkout friction by accepting various payment methods
Ikarus Technologies

Ikarus Technologies’ story

Ikarus Technologies was founded in 2018 and has dedicated fifteen years to developing their flagship product, StellarMate. StellarMate is an embedded computer and software solution designed for controlling astronomical equipment and acquiring data.

They operate through a retail system consisting of a website, an offline store in Kuwait, and a warehouse.

Since their establishment, Ikarus has welcomed customers not only from Kuwait but also from other areas in the Persian Gulf region.

The challenges

1. Faster order checkouts

Ikarus Technologies offers a wide range of high-value merchandise, including telescopes, microscopes, binoculars, and cameras. However, their time-consuming checkout process didn’t match the premium quality of their products or provide the best retail experience.

“[Before using Magestore POS], we had to open the backend. From there, created a new order. It was complicated and took a lot of time to process.”

Sleiman Fakih
Sales Manager, Ikarus Technologies

2. Handling product returns

Ikarus Technologies provides customer-friendly refund policies, which is standard for high-value merchandise sellers. Their customers can get a full refund to their original payment method or opt for gift coupons. They also have the option to exchange for another product of the same value.

To handle product returns efficiently, Ikarus needed a Magento POS system with two essential qualities.

First, it must be flexible to support the company’s refund policies without manual intervention.

Second, it should process return requests quickly, ensuring prompt resolution of customer concerns.

3. Support for various payment methods

In addition to their store in Kuwait, Ikarus Technologies operates online through a Magento website, expanding their reach to a broader audience. While catering to this diverse market is beneficial for business, it necessitates a POS system that accommodates various payment methods preferred by customers. These can range from KNET, Visa, and Mastercard to bank transfers and cash. Having such flexibility reduces friction during the checkout process and improves the chances of making sales.

The solution

To make the checkout faster for customers, Ikarus Technologies found that using the manual process in the Magento backend was too slow, taking several minutes for each order.
Instead, they used Magestore POS, which sped up the checkout to less than a minute:

“[I created a new order] in just a minute. A customer contacts me on WhatsApp. He just tells me his address and the order he wanted. I directly finish. Done with the order. Send him his invoice directly”

Sleiman Fakih
Sales Manager, Ikarus Technologies

After resolving the order checkout issue, the next priority on their to-do list was hassle-free product returns to ensure customer satisfaction and confidence in future purchases. Unfortunately, Magento’s default refund process is slow and inefficient, causing increased costs and customer frustration.

To fix this, Ikarus Technologies took advantage of Magestore POS’s deep integration with Magento to simplify the process. Now, customers can get quick refunds in their original payment method or exchange products instantly, making shopping easier and building trust with the company.
Additionally, the company found a solution to cater to customers’ transactions, regardless of their preferred payment method.

Ikarus Technologies leveraged Magestore POS, which integrates with various payment gateways to process purchases. This flexibility enables customers to pay with their preferred method, reducing any obstacles during checkout.

Future plans

Ikarus Technologies has been devoted to making astronomy more accessible to the public for over 15 years. During this time, the company has remained focused on delivering exceptional products and a great purchasing experience to their customers.

Currently, Ikarus Technologies is prioritizing the development of both their physical and online stores. Looking ahead, they still see Magestore as a trusted retail partner in their future journey:

“Right now, we don’t have [any] plan to open another store, but if we have it, of course, we’re going to use the same POS [from Magestore]”

Sleiman Fakih
Sales Manager, Ikarus Technologies

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