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Convent of Saint Elizabeth: From handcrafts to hands-free POS

About the business

Established in 1984, the beautiful and peaceful Convent of Saint Elizabeth is tucked away in a forested area of rural Scott Valley, a few miles from the town of Etna, California.

The Convent of Saint Elizabeth provides custom items that are handmade by the sisters including Christian Church and Liturgical items, home and devotional items, fabrics and vestment accessories, books, music, and more.

On the way to building a customer-value oriented system

The Convent of Saint Elizabeth faced constant challenges providing a satisfying customer experience with their old retail system.

  • Manual and time-consuming tasks
  • Monotonous customer journey
  • Unable to scale up

The Convent was using Magento as their main retail system, with two Magento based websites. Following the increasing number of products, the system started to show limitations in managing orders and providing customers with a satisfying purchase experience. They could not utilize many customer-oriented programs such as a loyalty program, reward points, or store credit.

At the same time, the Convent couldn’t manage an increasing amount of data effectively. Moreover, the POS downtime due to lost internet connection also created a bad experience for the customers.

After many considerations and discussion, they knew that they needed a better solution for the business.

The best-fit solution and the right partner

Understanding that ignoring the problem will hinder business growth, the Convent of Saint Elizabeth searched for a management and POS solution that works with Magento. They took over a business with a long history that didn’t have a well-established system in place, therefore the purpose was to look for a professional company that not only provided POS service but also consultation on how to remodel and utilize the whole Magento retail system.

The Convent of Saint Elizabeth was looking for a POS provider who was also experienced in Magento. Magestore POS, which has helped many retailers meet their needs, was considered the best POS provider for Magento.

With Magestore the Convent of Saint Elizabeth got a lot more than just a POS system. The Convent could now manage all aspects of their retail sales with many additional modules integrated with Magento. Magestore also worked with the Convent to build a clear roadmap on how to accomplish their business requirements, improve the performance, and prepare for the future growth.

It was a great experience working with the Magestore team, who are proactive, taking initiative, and working long hours and weekends to help improve our business.

Father VlasieProject Manager of the Convent of Saint Elizabeth

What Convent of St. Elizabeth achieved

Managing orders and inventory more efficiently and more effectively—reducing unnecessary cost and errors from manual tasks.

Better customer experience with many promotion programs and faster buying process.

Reducing the risk of downtime when temporarily losing internet access.

The Convent’s expectations were met by the high-quality services from Magestore and they received immediate results of their investment. They started to launch many promotions such as loyalty programs and discounts while still managing the sale orders in the database.

The Convent got rid of a broken customer journey and experience by fully utilizing Magento’s powerful capabilities together with additional modules such as reward points, gift cards, and partial payment. With a POS that streamlines the sales process, their staff now can handle a much higher number of customers and save labor costs.

“If you a running Magento then this is definitely the best POS as it integrates directly with Magento. Magestore POS has a slick PWA frontend that is fast and resilient, and can even continue working offline if need be. It also has extra features such as gift cards, loyalty point system, inventory management.” said Fr. Vlasie.

How a dream comes true

The Convent of Saint Elizabeth received their solution on time and had help continuously throughout the project, which confirmed their opinion of Magestore’s professionalism and expertise.

The support team is wonderful to work with and very supportive. We were able to get help in setting up our system, importing large numbers of products, and live support for our store opening. The team really goes above and beyond in making sure you are happy with the software. They were very helpful and proactive in adjusting things to suit our requirements, which many other solutions could not do.
There is real sense of investment on their part and they will stick with you through whatever problems may arise. Nothing beats that feeling of being cared for and having reliable help.

Father VlasieProject Manager

Now with the system and process capable of handling a large number of orders and products, they are ready to scale up their business.

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